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Automated invitation process means connecting faster

Successfully connect with your network by using our proven invitation process.

The use of automation, time-tested content and a variety of touch points significantly increases the number of interviews scheduled.


Online scheduling to find the best day and time to meet

There is no going back and forth trying to match schedules.

Our integrated calendar feature allows you to connect your calendar, enter your availability and easily connect with customers. Never worry about keeping your calendar in sync, we will do it for you.


Qualitative analytics gives you more insight into your conversations.

Track data collected from your meetings to analyze trends in your industry, new opportunities and understand the types of connections you are making.

riplEFX is about

Making Better Connections

And we're making a new one here! 

Continuous Feedback Made Easy.

Intentional Networking

VideoRequest by insightpath, helps you collect videos to share with prospects, highlight your company culture, promote events and so much more! insightpath is offering riplEFX members only a special 10% discount on the monthly fee when they sign-up to use VideoRequest. Step One Sign-up using this link and using Coupon Code: RIPLEFXMEMBERS.

Move Your Business Forward

  • Share a dedicated link or QR code
  • Ask customers why they work with you
  • Share testimonial videos in marketing campaigns or on social sites
  • Highlight the benefits of your product or service
  • Watch your business grow

What you get on the Insightpath Platform

  • 20 Videos per month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Transcription and Captions
  • Image Upload
  • External Video Upload
  • Video Editing
  • Video Sharing
  • Video Reels and Galleries
  • Video Replies
  • Notifications
  • Custom URL and QR code
  • Custom Branding
  • Rollover Unused Videos
  • Unlimited Video Downloads
  • Unlimited Video Replies
  • Unlimited Written Responses
  • Outlook and Google Email Integration
  • Social Integrations

Let's hear from Terry Nawrot

CEO of insightpath | RiplEFX Member and Team Lead
Insightpath’s CEO, Terry Nawrot says “riplEFX’s powerful networking process offers a more strategic way of getting in-front of the right people. With VideoRequest, organizations can easily collect videos, edit them, and share on your website, social media, or in email campaigns. The combination of these two powerful tools will help you bring your marketing and sales strategy to the next level.”

Want to Learn More?

Terry will be providing an overview on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month to help riplEFX members maximize the added value of VideoRequest. Members should sign up with the Events Calendar on the Community Page.
Demo Video

Founded in 2018, Insightpath started out with a customer feedback platform for businesses. By listening to customers and the market, Insightpath created a new product, a video technology platform.

VideoRequest helps companies easily share a link or QR code to create, collect and share videos from anyone on their own time. The new video platform removes the need to have multiple solutions to manage videos and is a fraction of the cost of having multiple tools to accomplish the same goals.


Partner Connections

Web and Platform Development Partner
Flight is a dynamic, versatile and full-service digital marketing and design agency that doesn’t rely on smoke and mirrors to keep its clients. Instead, they trust their own skilss and team's experience to drive new customers to their clients.
Member Strategic Engagement Partner
Founded in 2018, Insightpath is a unique meeting management solution for businesses. Insightpath offers integrated scheduling and automated messaging, along with project management and data analytics. For more information, please visit www.insightpath.io.

Want to Partner with us?

The premis of riplEFX is to make connections, nuture and cultivate these connections. And using this, as we grow, we will make strategic partnerships with companies that we feel can be an add-on value to our membership.

If you represent a company or product that you feel may be of special value to our membership, contact us and we'd be happy to listen to your ideas.