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Who are we?

We are a team of networking and sales experts, with decades of experience. We developed the riplEFX intentional networking system so together we can close the gap between the sales process and building relationships.

We discovered through our years of sales training that there is little to no training on how to network intentionally, while being able to build a genuine business, both in person and online, without resorting to word tracks built for sales in the 1980's.

Our Leadership

Christine Smith

Co-Founder | Managing Partner

With over 17 years of sales experience and enough networking talents to fuel a small country, she has fine tuned the inner workings on networking so you don’t have to. Christine has found better ways to network outside of 30-second commercials and jamming your business card in someone’s hand, which leads to stronger relationships and you guessed it sales, sales and more sales as organically as possible. 

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Juergen A. Klingenberg

Co-Founder | Managing Partner
A graphic designer and brand development specialist with over 30 years of experience in the industry, having learned to listen to the needs of his clients, paid attention to their needs and provided the best possible advice to assure their continued growth and success.
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Our Mission

Our mission for all our members is to build community. We want to provide an intentional way to build relationships, surround ourselves with like minded individuals, and grow our respective businesses in the way we all are aspiring to: organically. No one wants to feel like a used car salesperson when meeting and conversing with new people. Networking should be fun and building a successful business can be much easier when you have advocates and connections that believe in you!

Our Philosophy

Build Relationships + Make Intentional Connections

  • riplEFX should not be the only place members are networking and meeting people.
  • Being mindful of connecting people, not just because you havent in a while.
  • Connecting not just for sales reasons.
  • Thinking about others while members are talking that might be a great connection/contact/friend etc (rolodex mindset).

You are worthy + valuable

  • We expect you to show up, communicate and participate but that does not mean low meeting numbers equates to you not offering value. Even if you are in the job market.
  • Your skills, resources, experience and connections up until this point ARE very valuable and could provide growth and opportunities when shared with others.

Have the Givers Mindset

Our Development Team

Jenna Tucker

Social Media Strategy

Matthew Cummings

Design and Creative

Francis Crandall

Data and Security

Group Leaders

Chad Binney

Outsourced IT Providers
Albany, New York

Schin Binney Group

Fridays | 8:30am (EST)

Christian Grieco

Management Consulting
Glenmont, New York
Grieco / Schadewald Group
Wednesdays | 9:00am (EST)

Debra Darby

Health & Wellness
Saratoga Springs, New York
Darby Group
Thursdays | 10:00am (EST)

Helen Vella Basilone

Growth Mindset Coaching
Hollywood, Florida
Vella-Basilone / Dickerson Group
Fridays | 2:00pm (EST)

Julieann Angie

Rochester, New York
Angie Group
Tuesdays | 11:00am (EST)

Katherine Schadewald

Business Coaching
Clifton Park, New York
Grieco / Schadewald Group
Wednesdays | 9:00am (EST)

Lindsay Brundege

Halfmoon, New York
Brundege Group (s)
Wednesdays | 3:30pm (EST)
Thursdays | 3:30pm (EST)

Liz Dwyer

Independent Marketing Executive
Clifton Park, New York
Dwyer Group
Tuesdays | 2:00pm (EST)

Melissa K. Verga

Mortgages & Refinance
Saratoga Springs, New York
Verga Group
Tuesdays | 3:00pm (EST)

Michael Leonard

Theft Protection / Legal
Rensselaer, New York
Leonard Group
Fridays | 11:00am (EST)

Thomas Schin

Staffing / Recruiting
Ballston Spa, New York
Schin Binney Group
Fridays | 8:30am (EST)

Building Your Own Group

Interested in building and leading your own community? Here is how to build your own group.

  • You have attended an active recon group, virtually or in person

  • You have a day and time figured out (can be any day or time, as long as it WORKS for your group)

  • You have decided if your group will be virtual, in person or a hybrid group (at least to start)

  • Need to have minimum 5 members to start a group

  • All members need to be active and completed member training with riplEFX Recon prior to your group going live

  • Groups max at 10 all industry exclusive

  • You become part of the riplEFX Leader Team

Team Leaders

Our team leaders work directly with the managing partners in finding compatible group members, maintaining our networking processes within our groups and continuing to build community.

What does it mean to be a riplEFX Team Leader?

  • Gives you non-confrontational conversational pieces when you network other places
  • Build a community of like-minded networkers most suited to your personality, business mindset, and clients
  • Free membership upon activation of 3 active groups (virtual, in-person, or hybrid; can be a combination or the same)

Manage Teams

Team Leaders interact with group members, provide program guidance and support. Team Leaders can manage up to (3) groups.

Team Activity

Encourage active participation between group members. Assist with intros and target building.


Team Leaders will help you with getting the most out of your membership. They receive bi-weekly updates directly from our Managing Partners!

Real-Time Communication

Provide real-time communication via the group wall and messaging system.

Team Statistics

Consistency in tracking attendance, feedback, and participation amongst members.

Unlimited Sharing

Team Leaders are able to share resources and ideas with other Team Leaders and our Managing Partners.

Where the rubber meets the road.

Tired of cold calls? Tired of after hours mixers that are awkward and clicky? Are you looking for a way to build your business without being a used car salesperson? riplEFX is what you need!

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riplEFX's platform has the ability to grow networking groups into virtually any area of the world. With new members joining daily!

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