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Commonly Asked Questions

About joining and being a part of our RiplEFX Community

Can you join both riplEFX Events and riplEFX Recon?

Our events membership is for those who may not be ready to jump on the networking group bandwagon. You get all the benefits of the events membership with our recon membership, but not the other way around. 

Can you upgrade or downgrade my membership?

Yes! If you are a current events member and would like to upgrade there will be options to do so. There will be the same option if things change and you need to downgrade. Keep in mind, downgrading you will lose access to the contacts you had being a Recon member. 

Can you invite non-riplEFX Members to events I am attending?

We will be offering exclusive events for just members (Events and Recon) and some that will be open to the public. We will let our members know which events are open to non-riplEFX Members.

What kind of events can you attend as an Events or Recon Member? Is there a limited number you can attend?

We will be having regular in person and virtual events for our members. You can attend as many as you would like. Our events have 100% participation in either format.

How long are riplEFX Recon meetings?

You meet with your group every week for 1 hour.

Can you skip Recon meetings?

It is not advised that you skip meetings, although we understand life happens. This meeting should be scheduled into your day just as you would any other meeting. For meetings you know you cannot attend due to vacation, events, clients, etc, we ask that you let your team leader and fellow members know so they are not waiting for you. For meetings you cannot make at the last minute it is still advisable to let your team leader know. We also ask that you post your meetings and targets so you and other members can still have the opportunity for introductions.

Is there an attendance policy for Events or Recon members?

While there is not an attendance policy for our Events Members, Recon Team Leaders will be keeping an eye on their group members. If some members are consistently not attending that member can be asked to move to a group more accommodating to their schedule or no longer attend in general. Strategic networking only works if you participate!

Do you have to bring leads every week to your Recon Group?

NO. There is no lead requirement at any point. You need to bring your target list and your meetings from the prior and current weeks. This is NOT a leads based networking group.

If you lose your job can you still attend meetings? Events?

YES! In fact we encourage our members to continue to network even if they are no longer employed with their current company. You are only as strong as your network, and now is the time to leverage that, enhance your target list and find the new job you are seeking!

What happens if your new job is now competing with another Recon member?

Since our groups are industry exclusive we would kindly request you to find another open group, or you can build your own. You can be in up to 3 groups with your membership.

Can you cancel at anytime?

Yes. We offer monthly memberships. There are no cancellation fee. Keep in mind though, upon full cancellation you will lose all group access, events calendar access and any contacts.

Can you invite non-riplEFX Members to Recon?

Yes! We encourage guests to visit virtual or in person groups. Guests can visit up to 2 groups. After that to continue attending team leaders will ask guests to sign up as official members and be placed officially into that group or another available group.

How are Recon Groups run?

Groups can be run at a public location, virtually through a web meeting platform, or in a hybrid way (combo). If members in your group that typically meets in person would like to attend but can only via web, as long as there is video capability within the group, the hybrid model would work.

How many Recon groups can I be in? Does it have to be one meeting platform?

With your Recon Membership you can be in up to 3 groups. They can be on any platform. All the same, or mixed, your preference.

Can you be in virtual meetings with people in other areas, including outside my state?

Yes! We are encouraging members who are looking to do business outside their location, state, country, to be regularly meeting with people in other locations they need to be connected in.

Can you make your own Recon group?

Yes! As a member you have the option to join an already active group, or build your own. As a Team Leader, you will have an added talking point while networking. We train all of our Team Leaders and incoming members so running a group requires little responsibility!

Do you have to be in sales or business development to participate in the Recon Groups?

No! Networking is NOT just for people in sales. As long as you are sharing your meetings and offering intros to others in the groups you are bringing value for others and yourself. You will still have targets you are seeking too!

Are there meeting requirements if you are in Recon Groups?

No! Not everyone is having 15+ meetings per week. Depending on your role, you may only be having 5-8, and that is OK! Participation overall is what we want so all members are getting the most out of the meetings.

What happens if my Team Leader cannot attend?

As you know things happen. If your Team Leader cannot make your normally scheduled meeting your group should still be meeting as normally. Your Team Leader should also be communicating this to the rest of the group, as should any other member if they cannot attend. 

What happens if a lot of members are away for vacation, scheduling issues, etc does the meeting get cancelled?

Even if your group has only 2 members that can meet that week, meetings should continue as normal. 

If our meeting is in person and the weather is bad should we cancel?

Inclement weather should indicate a virtual meeting for that week. Team Leaders and members can also implement that if local schools to meeting location are closed that would yield a virtual meeting. This can be posted in your group page and members can also communicate via text message to confirm. In the event members decide to cancel for the week, it needs to be posted to the group page and all members need to be contacted by the Team Leader. We ask to never assume your meeting is just plain cancelled. There are always other options to connect!

What if our meeting day falls on a holiday?

Not everyone celebrates the same holidays, especially if you have group members in other parts of the country and world, so it is important to discuss with your team members what holidays the group may be taking off or not. 

As a U.S. based company we follow the following major holidays:

New Years Day
Memorial Day 
4th of July
Labor Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Years Eve